Automatic Delivery Program (Auto-Fill)

Automatic Delivery Program (Auto-Fill)

You can take great comfort in knowing that we are keeping close track of your fuel usage. Based on a sophisticated algorithm that tracks the temperature, weather conditions, and your tank level we are able to accurately forecast your next fuel delivery.

Ensure your family's comfort with Auto-Fill

Your family always has the propane or fuel oil you need, and you never experience the hassles of checking your tank's fuel level or taking the time to call us for a delivery.

Auto-Fill includes 24/7 emergency service giving your family complete peace of mind. We are so confident in our Auto-Fill program that in the unlikely event we allow you to run out we will credit your account $50 for the inconvenience. A delivery driver will be dispatched to your home immediately to get your family back in service.

Three Easy Ways to Pay

For your convenience, we offer you three easy program payment options

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