All-Inclusive, Professional Heating Oil Services

All-Inclusive, Professional Heating Oil Services

Hometown delivers quality heating oil for use at your home or business. Heating oil keeps you warm in the coldest of winters delivering more BTU's per gallon than any other fuel source.

Complete Fuel & Equipment Support

We offer the following programs to ensure your families comfort year round.

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Hometown customers receive automatic fuel delivery (Auto-Fill) at no extra charge. That means you never have to worry about checking your tank, calling for a delivery, or running out of propane. Plus, in extreme weather conditions our winter storm dispatching double checks your fuel needs so we can fill your tank before the bad weather hits. Auto-Fill includes 24/7 Emergency Service and a $50 No-Run-Out Guarantee.

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SmartPay Budget Program

SmartPay is our all-inclusive comfort plan that offers Price Protection, 12 equal monthly payments, Auto-Fill, and a 2% annualized rebate, calculated monthly, on your credit balance.

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Price Protection

Give your family peace of mind with price protection. Hometown offers two types of price protection.

Cap Price: Your price won't exceed the CAP price. Plus, when prices fall below your CAP you get the lower price!

Fixed Price: Lock in one low rate for the entire season.

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Tank Guard

Join our Tank Guard protection program
TANK-GUARD is a safe and effective liquid corrosion inhibitor that we add to your oil tank once a year. Unlike other additives, TANK-GUARD passes through the oil in the tank to attack the moisture at the bottom where the damage occurs, without affecting fuel efficiency or performance. Peace of mind warranty — If you have a tank leak while enrolled in the Tank Guard program, we will reimburse you up to $300 toward the cost of a new tank. Since oil tank replacement is not covered by most home owner's policies, this makes a new purchase much less painful. So enroll in Tank Guard today to enjoy outstanding oil tank protection from high-cost replacement and clean up at a very affordable once-a-year cost.

Three Easy Ways to Pay

For your convenience, we offer you three easy program payment options

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