The Hometown Comfort Story

Once upon a time, in the year of 1965, Paul “Pete” Garber established a charming company called New Paris Oil Co. Nestled in New Paris, Ohio, Pete and his team gallantly served homes, farms, and businesses with heating fuel, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, and lubricants.

In 1974 after a successful but dirty (who knew cleaning vehicles could be so messy?!) venture owning Porta Wash, and a couple of years owning New Paris/Eldorado Oil, Marcus Brubaker joined up with Pete at New Paris Oil. Their company grew into multiple counties throughout western Ohio and eastern Indiana, experiencing steady growth of customers, staff, and products.

1986. Enter Gary Garber, Pete’s son. Warmly welcomed, Gary purchased his father’s portion of the business and his electrical contracting company was integrated with New Paris Oil, bringing the total divisions to five…Transport and Route (fuels), Lubricants, HVAC, and Electrical service. The lubricants division was sold in 1995. In 2000 the HVAC division was sold to John Denlinger, who operates it today as New Comfort Heating & Cooling. A lawn care division, CleanCut LawnCare, was formed in 1999 and then sold to Roger Patrick in 2005.

In 2006 a contest was held throughout the land to see who could come up with the best new company name. You see, customers were served far beyond New Paris, and oil was not the only offering. The shoe that fit was ‘Hometown Comfort’, also reflecting the hometown culture of sincere care and friendly service.

Marcus and Gary separated the petroleum and the electrical businesses in 2009, creating two family-owned companies that could be passed on to succeeding generations. Gary owns Garber Electrical Contractors now located in Englewood, Ohio. Marcus retired in November of 2012 and is living happily “ever after”. His sons Loren, Alex, & Jason valiantly carry on the Hometown Comfort tradition. Serving customers in Ohio and Indiana, as well as Transport customers in many other states, the Hometown Comfort team continues to save the day with the benefits of fuel oil, propane, gasoline, and motor fuels. And, by the grace of God, the founding thread of friendly and helpful customer care continues to weave through the Hometown Comfort story.

The End (To be continued…)